G.O.D. The Novel

When Lord of G.O.D. (Galactic Order of Demonstration) finds out that his son Chip (Jesus in a previous life) never distributed the Book of Laws to earthlings and that Cretin of E.G.O. (Elite Global Order) stole it at The Last Supper and created the Bible, a book of half-truths, he goes into action.

Chip is sent back to earth to hire a publicist, Nanette Kenyon, to re-tune the population by distributing the actual Book of Laws revealing to them way the planet works, interactively with The Field, through demonstration (action), acknowledgement (acceptance) and synchronicity. But first, she must fully embody the laws herself. A down-to-earth gal who half-jokingly keeps suicide in her back pocket as the way out of anything, after meeting Chip Nanette eventually accepts her vocation and jumps off the fence of life onto the side of yes!