Origins of CTC

Back in 1988 while walking along a country road in Mill Valley, CA one perfect 70° afternoon pondering the then political state of the country I said out loud, “wouldn’t it be great if they could buy a conscience?” Then I thought of Conscience in a Can. Conscience turned in Consciousness, and conversation, thought and laughter provoking quotations seemed to be the perfect filler.

I had no resources to launch a product, but I decided to begin anyway. There were things I could do without money. I spent endless days on the couch reading quotation books. You’d see me carrying stacks from the library. Did you know 20 books is the limit in Los Angeles? I read over 500,000 quotations.

Once I put the ball the in motion providence moved in and Consciousness in a Can was eventually born. The product made it into stores, mail order catalogs and was spoken of fondly in the media. Still I didn’t have enough umph on my own to keep it going so it fizzled out until it was relaunched in 1999 when a short lived partnership breathed life into the shelved but never forgotten project. It lasted the second time for about a year due to the unforeseen difficulties of partnership.

Consciousness Trading Company has been waiting in the shadows ready to be reborn at anytime. The time is here! What this site will grow into is a mystery. Perhaps a well-loved portal with loads of information. But for now, here we are. Thanks for being here.