About CTC


About CTC

Consciousness Trading Company is a hub for articles, stories and interesting tidbits related to all things consciousness; a gathering spot for like-minded people.


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About Amy

I’ve always loved the idea of being privy to the magical world of laws lying just below the surface of awareness. They secretly rule our lives with hammers and grace.

I use my life as a science lab…I’m a life scientist playing in the world of nature and communication applying new tools, practices and ideas for living to living. I observe, listen, learn and incorporate. I see what works and what doesn’t.

My background is as varied as it is colorful. I’ve worked in the entertainment industry from rock-n-roll nightclubs to comedy clubs, to managing comedians, doing publicity and producing live events.  I’ve created, developed and marketed products including Consciousness in a Can and Amy’s Nuts Crazy Good Granola.  I’ve worked and gotten paid real world dollars in a virtual world called “Second Life”.  I’ve cooked for celebrities and Jesuit priests.  I’ve told stories on stages and been published in magazines, books and on poetry websites and I’ve worked with scores of individuals, assisting them with their own self-development work.

While my personal journey has been a long and windy road, the one through-line in my life, no matter what job I’m doing, what event I’m publicizing or what meal I’m preparing has been the consistent attention I’ve paid to self-development. I’ve worked with a wide range of teachers in a number of modalities, for a few decades, all in an effort to feel comfortable within my own skin. With continued persistence, curiosity and healthy doses of surrender I can finally say I have a core of inner happy that cannot be shaken by the outside world because it is not fueled by it.