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I’ve always loved the idea of being privy to the magical world of laws that lie just below the surface of awareness. They secretly rule our lives with hammers and grace.

In this blog I’ll explore everything, after all, you never know what string of words, piece of encouragement, photo, or chance meeting will open up access to extraordinary vision.

When I completed my first novel called G.O.D., a nine-year project, I felt something happen. It was as if finishing the book emptied me out. I got it out of me, whatever “it” is. I don’t claim to understand what prompted this, but one moment I was centered, as always, in my brain, and the next I noticed my center drop down to my heart. It’s a very different feeling, not metaphorical as I had suspected all these years. One difference I notice is when I check in with myself, I land in my heart center, not in my head. It’s also turned my understanding of gratitude upside down.

I have found that gratitude is something that has me, I don’t have it. It seems I walk in it now more often than before. I can’t turn it on and off, I can’t have gratitude simply because someone suggests I should. When it’s real, it’s a whole different ballgame.

One more thing. On the last new moon, June 23, I began, for the second time, Yogi Bhajan’s Banana Fast. It’s 14 days of bananas, followed by a day lemon water (that was yesterday) and starting today it’s mung beans and rice for 28 says, home-brewed chai tea and whole fruit. It’s an awesome discipline and I’m thoroughly enjoying it although a cup of coffee almost sounded too good today. I didn’t succumb!

Welcome to Consciousness Trading Company. Feel free to contribute in the comments and soon we may welcome articles. The only way to get wet is to jump in the river…