Engineers and Moe’s Bagel

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Grabbed a “jew burger” at Moe’s Bagels this morning. The girl laughed when I ordered it, one of those laughs that sustains over the next few minutes – I could tell she kept reliving the moment and it tickled her. They call it a “New Yorker.” Same difference. Lox, cream cheese, bagels, red onions and nowadays capers which is a nice a addition but it is an addition.

“You get chips or fruit with your sandwich!” She was enthusiastic. “I’ll have the fruit.” I pictured a small cup of fresh cut up fruit sitting next to the sandwich and pickle on my plate. She points to a bowl of oranges and a bowl of apples. “Pick one.” I look at the bowls, look at her and say, “Yep. That’s fruit alright.”

A nice young man rung up my order and before I could mention to him I had the change, the girl interrupted us and told me I ordered the daily special so I also got a free drink. Whee! Today is going to good. Turning my attention back to the register I ask the guy what the change is so I can give it to him. Unfortunately for me he had already entered $20 into the cash register and the machine was telling him how much change to give me back. He shook his head and said he didn’t know how to go back. “And you can’t do the math?” I said with a twinkle in my eye, teasing him. “Machines are ruining people’s ability to do math!” I prodded. He laughed and said, “And I’m an engineer.” Then the girl piped in and said, “No offense but it’s been really fascinating watching an engineer try to do this job.”